Cheap 23 Book Haul

So I went by the thrift-shop in my town yesterday because I hadn’t been there in a month or two and imagine my surprise when I found 23 cozy-mysteries all in great condition, many look almost-new. I almost fainted right there. lol

Total Spent: $6.75

Books Bought: 6

sorting these by sub-genre, they’re all cozy mysteries however.

Historical Cozy Mysteries:

  • The Counterfeit Lady — Kate Parker
  • Murder at Hatfield House — Amanda Carmack
  • Mrs. Jefferies and the Feast of St. Stephen — Emily Brightwell
  • Mrs. Jefferies and the One Who Got Away — Emily Brightwell
  • Murder on Sisters’ Row — Victoria Thompson

Paranormal Cozy Mysteries

  • Angel’s Verdict — Mary Stanton
  • A Killing Notion — Melissa Bourbon
  • A Touch of Gold — Joyce & Jim Lavene
  • A Spirited Gift — Joyce & Jim Lavene
  • Marked fur Murder — Dixie Lyle

Crafting (including sewing & knitting) Cozy Mysteries

  • Spider Web — Earlene Fowler
  • Unraveled — Maggie Sefton

Food Cozy Mysteries

  • A Tine to Live, A Tine to Die — Edith Maxwell
  • A Pizza to Die For — Chris Cavender

Stay-at-home-Dad/Mom Cozy Mysteries

  • Popped Off — Jeffrey Allen
  • Bundle of Trouble — Diana Orgain
  • Formula for Murder — Diana Orgain

Animal Cozy Mysteries 

  • Raining Cat Sitters and Dogs — Blaize Clement
  • The Cat Sitter’s Cradle — Blaize & John Clement

Other Assorted Cozy Mysteries

  • English Tea Murder — Leslie Meier
  • Death of a Trophy Wife — Laura Levine
  • Dial Emmy for Murder — Eileen Davidson
  • Murder of a Stacked Librarian — Denise Swanson

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