Horse of a Different Killer – Laura Morrigan

5/5 Hilarious Goats

On The Back:

Animal behaviorist Grace Wilde’s psychic ability gives her insight into the minds of all kinds of creatures. If only humans were as easy to read…

Dead men may tell no tales, but they can screw up your life with a few phone calls. Grace’s abusive ex-brother-in-law, Anthony Ortega, needs her help—at least that’s what he said on the messages he left before his sudden death. Grace is inclined to let the matter rest in peace, but when her sister is named a suspect, Grace decides to get to the bottom of the cryptic calls.

Her only lead is Ortega’s fiancée, who believes that he had arranged to surprise her with the purchase of a Frisian gelding named Heart. The horse was being stabled at the R-n-R Ranch—but was taken in the middle of the night. Now, with her sister in trouble and a missing horse on her hands, Grace hopes the information harnessed from her psychic skills will be enough to rein in the killer…

My Thoughts:

The first two books in this series were phenomenal, and this one lived up them!

I absolutely love these characters, just the fact that Grace is semi-socially awkward makes her seem so real. The animals are absolutely hilarious I want two goats that faint and a cute kitten now.

This book also did a great job with balancing the relationship and mystery. The relationship was a subplot and it never overtook the mystery, but at the same time it had a large part of the book.

Overall an amazing book. I hope this series continues for awhile!


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