The Legend of Sleepy Harlow – Kylie Logan

4/5 Old Town Ghosts

On The Back:

It takes more than a lurid legend to scare off the League of Literary Ladies…

For Halloween, the Literary Ladies have chosen to read Washington Irving’s spooky classic, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, with its infamous headless horseman. But South Bass Island has its own headless legend—of a Prohibition bootlegger named Charlie “Sleepy” Harlow. Decapitated by rival rumrunners, Harlow appears once a year in spectral form to search for his noggin.

This October, the Elkhart Ghost Getters (EGG) have returned to the island. The group claims that they have film footage of Harlow’s ghost, and are determined to get more. They’re staying at Bea Cartwright’s B and B, but it’s Kate Wilder who isn’t happy to see them after they trashed her winery last year. When the EGG leader turns up dead, Kate becomes the prime suspect, and the other League members need to scramble to crack the case.

My Thoughts:

Really this is a very good “new” cozy-mystery series that I hope will continue for awhile.

I really love the characters Bea, Chandra, Luella, and Kate. They are all different but so much fun. I found myself laughing out loud at some of the things Chandra said and nodding in agreement at other times to Luella. I also loved that the tension between Levi and Bea was resolved in this book, I found it kind of tiring.

The only really bad part in this book was the end. I felt that the killer was kinda obvious and to top it off the ending was kinda lame, to be honest. The killer didn’t put up a fight, there was no really ending to all of the suspense that the author had wonderfully built up.

Overall, however, this book was a great part of an amazing series. I would highly recommend it!


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