Death of an Outsider – M.C. Beaton

5/5 New Villages

On The Back:

Dreary Cnothan’s most hated man is dumped into a tank filled with lobsters then eaten in Britain’s best restaurants. Exiled there with his dog Towser, Hamish Macbeth misses his beloved Highland village Lochdubh, Priscilla, and easy lazy days. His superiors want the business hushed up, a dark-haired lass wants his body, and a killer is out for more blood. On TV show.

My Thoughts:

At first when I read the back of this book and realized that Hamish was going to be in a new town I was wary to start reading, but this book was a great read that was almost better than the last two books.

I think Hamish showed some development in this book. He wasn’t just thinking about Priscilla as much as he thought about her in the previous books,a nd it was a nice change.

The beginning was a bit hard to get into but by the end this book was quick-paced and fun to read. I’d easily recommend it to anyone!


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