Mapleshade’s Vengeance – Erin Hunter

4/5 Betrayed Lovers

On The Back:

In this novella from the world of Erin Hunter’s #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series, discover the sinister past of one of the most treacherous cats in the Dark Forest.

Long before she troubled the dreams of Crookedstar or Tigerclaw, Mapleshade was a warrior of ThunderClan. But then the Clans cast her out as a traitor—and she vowed to seek her revenge….

My Thoughts:

Overall this book was a very good short, it explained one of my favorite villains in this series and did it well.

I loved the fact that you saw Mapleshade before she became evil because she was honestly just a brokenhearted cat who was betrayed by her Clan, and lover. I was really astounded about how deep her Clan hated her and how fast they turned against her.

The beginning of the story was a bit rushed and I really think that a Super Edition could of been deserving of this character, so the story was a bit rushed, but overall an entertaining story that I enjoyed.


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