Delancey – Molly Wizenberg

4/5 Perfect Pizzas

On The Back:

In this funny, frank, and tender new memoir, the author of the New York Times bestseller A Homemade Life and the blog Orangette recounts how opening a pizza restaurant sparked the first crisis of her young marriage.

When Molly Wizenberg married Brandon Pettit, she vowed to support him and work with him to make their hopes and dreams come true. Even when Brandon’s enthusiasms—building a boat, constructing a violin, and opening an ice cream shop—turned out to be nothing more than passing ideas, Molly stayed by his side, supportive and optimistic.

So when Brandon decided to open a pizza restaurant, Molly was certain it would join the boat, the violin, and the ice cream shop on his list of abandoned projects. Before she knew it, he’d signed a lease on a space. The restaurant, Delancey, was going to be a reality, and all of Molly’s assumptions about her married life were about to change.

The two partners gutted and renovated the space, built their own furniture, hired staff, and passed health inspections. When their restaurant turned out to be a success, Molly tried her best to convince herself she was happy in their new life. But that was before Halloween night, when she was forced to admit she hadn’t been honest with herself or Brandon.

With twenty new home kitchen recipes and evocative photos by Molly,Delancey is a moving and honest account of how two young people learned to give in and let go in order to strengthen their bond and receive something more.

My Thoughts:

This last week I’ve been in a reading slump, every book I picked up I put back down before the 50th page, but this book broke that. Delancey was a wonderful book about a couple building a restaurant. Equally parts hilarious and serious, this book was a great book that I’d recommend.


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