Oh No! Another Book Haul

Sorry for the lack of Blog posts recently, I’ve been in a reading slump since finishing my last book, but hopefully I’m over that now.

I know I said the last one would be my last haul for awhile, but some of these deals were just too good to pass up!

Total Spent: Around $13

Total Books Bought: 14

Library Book Sale

‘E’ is for Evidence – Sue Grafton been wanting to read this series for awhile now

The Cat Who Played Post Office – Lillian Jackson Braun sounded really good

Dying for Chocolate – Diane Mott Davidson I’ve already read this one but it was 10 cents

Kindle Books

A Bicycle Built for Murder – Kate Kingsbury it was free and I’ve been meaning to get to this series for awhile

Death by a Honeybee – Abigail Keam sounded good and it was free

Nook Books

Scene of the Climb – Kate Dyer-Seeley there was like a really nice price on this and it sounded great

Murder and Moonflowers – Leslie Leigh great-looking free book

Tagged for Death – Sherry Harris I like the premise of this one and hope it’s half as good

By Cook or By Crook – Maya Corrigan I’ve wanted this book for quite awhile now and was so exited when I found it for $2

Working Stiff – Annalise Ryan I’ve read really good reviews about this book,a nd I can;t wait to read it

A Catered Murder – Isis Crawford Another one that I’ve wanted for awhile

Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder – Joanne Fluke I’ve already read this but it was in a box-set with the next two for only $3

Death of a Kitchen Diva – Lee Hollis I’ve read very good reviews about it and it was in a pack with two other books for an extremely cheap price

Clammed Up – Barbara Ross I’ve been looking for this for awhile now, so when I saw it with the above two books I couldn’t resist

Now I hope I’m done book shopping for awhile now, but who knows.


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