Lost and Fondue – Avery Aames

3/5 Cheese Wheels

On The Back:

When a body is found in a long-abandoned winery, cheese shop owner Charlotte Bessette trades in her fondue fork for a flashlight to clear a friend’s niece of suspicion. But as Charlotte starts to turn up the truth, the killer starts turning up the heat.

My Thoughts:

After the first book I was hesitant to read this book, but I decided to pace a hold on it from my library hoping it would get better. Unfortunately, the first half of the book was worse, and I almost put the book down, but the last half was entertaining and enjoyable.

Let’s start with why I could not stand the first half. First of all Charlotte was once again extremely unlikeable, she thought she knew everything, and had to give her opinion on everything she saw. Secondly, Charlotte’s consistent thoughts of how the police chief wasn’t doing his job,a t one point she wondered if he should be having dinner with his mother and father when a murderer was on the loose! That was the point I wanted to throw this book across the room.

Now, the second half was good, granted Charlotte was nosy, but the mystery was well put together and the ending surprised me. It was smart. Towards the end most of the problems in the first half were fixed, but there were still two major things that weren’t really major to the plot but allowed me anyway.

First, every single time the love interest, Jordan, walked into the room Charlotte said something about how he made her feel like there were butterflies in the stomach, or how sexy he looked in what he was wearing. Now that would be fine if she only did it one, two, or even three times, but no, she did it literally every time she saw him. Secondly, it made me upset that she called the police chief by his high school nickname, U-ey, instead of his name.

Overall not a great book, and if the next one doesn’t pick up I probably won’t continue this series.


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