Billionaire Blend – Cleo Coyle

4/5 Blue Roses

On The Back:

When a car bomb nearly kills tech whiz Eric Thorner, Clare comes to his aid and receives a priceless thank you. Not only does the billionaire buy her a barista’s dream espresso machine, he hires her for an extraordinary project: creating the world’s most expensive coffee blend.

The police quickly arrest Eric’s alleged attacker, yet death continues to surround the unlucky mogul, leading Clare to question whether a fatal fall and another lethal mishap are premeditated murders or merely freak accidents. Clare’s boyfriend, NYPD detective Mike Quinn, has a theory of his own—one Clare refuses to believe.

Meanwhile, Eric jets Clare around the world on a head-spinning search for the very best coffee, and Clare gets to know his world—a mesmerizing circle of money with rivalries that could easily have turned deadly. But is this charming young CEO truly marked for termination? Or is he the one making a killing?

My Thoughts:

Overall a good book, however this book wasn’t as good as the ones leading up to it, in my opinions.

All of the characters were great except Mike. He alone probably made this book lose a star. In the last books he was caring and loving, but in this book he just seems almost condescending, at times, and he became really flat. I really hope he moves back to NYC soon because this angst that the author is building up with him really does nothing for the book.

The setting was great. The mystery was simply mediocre, it lacked a real wow-factor that I look for in a book, though the car bomb was cool, and unique.

Overall a decent book, but not one of my favorites.


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