A Killer Collection – Ellery Adams

3/5 Kiln Openings

On The Back:

In the world of antiques and collectibles, it helps to have a sharp eye for quality, a good ear for gossip, and a nose for murder.

Molly Appleby is a young writer for Collector’s Weekly, and when the attractive reporter isn’t covering auctions and antique shows all over the South, she’s trying to get her new relationship with a coworker off the ground. When her latest assignment takes her to North Carolina pottery country to cover an exclusive kiln opening, she’s certain the show promises surprising offerings and rare finds. What she doesn’t expect to find is a dead body.

George-Bradley Staunton is known throughout the antiques world as a very wealthy and very ruthless collector, and when he drops dead just after the opening, there are all too few mourners and a seemingly endless list of suspects. When the local police are stumped, Molly steps in to put her journalist’s nose to work sniffing out the culprit. But no sooner does she start collecting clues than another dead body falls into her lap.

As Molly digs beneath the genteel surface of antiques and collectibles, she finds a world filled with backstabbing and competition, and what started as a story about rare collections might leave Molly with nothing more than a collection of corpses.

My Thoughts:

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley*

Though I really liked this book I thought it failed to live up to Ms. Adams’ standards after reading other books she has published.

I liked the characters, but I felt like there wasn’t much time taken in the book to fully explore them. For instance, Molly just wants to jump right into investigating, which I normally don’t like in a MC. Also, Matt, the love interest in this book is very vague at the beginning, and then he all of a sudden professes his love for her. I felt like it hindered the book.

The mystery was good, but it was rushed. There were no really clues to speak of before about 20 pages ahead of when the killer is exposed. The ending also let me down, I felt that it was all rushed.

I simply loved the history and research that obviously went into building a realistic setting of the North Carolina pottery world,and the pottery world in general. It really made me want to look into pottery more as a hobby.

Overall a good book, I’ll probably read more in the series, but yet I felt that it was simply rushed. However, I’d probably recommend this to a friend.


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