Seed – Lisa Heathfield

3/5 Beautiful Lakes

On The Back:

All that Pearl knows can be encapsulated in one word: Seed. It is the isolated community that she was born into. It is the land that she sows and reaps. It is the center of her family and everything that means home. And it is all kept under the watchful eye of Papa S.

At fifteen years old, Pearl is finally old enough to be chosen as Papa S’s companion. She feels excitement… and surprising trepidation that she cannot explain. The arrival of a new family into the Seed community — particularly the teenage son, Ellis — only complicates the life and lifestyle that Pearl has depended upon as safe and constant.

Ellis is compelling, charming, and worldly, and he seems to have a lot of answers to questions Pearl has never thought to ask. But as Pearl digs to the roots of the truth, only she can decide what she will allow to come to the surface.

My Thoughts:

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley*

I was expecting something a little different from this book, but that’s not saying that this book was bad.

I felt like the author created very realistic characters. The evil ones were easy to hate. You felt bad for the younger kids, like Bobby and Ruby. And you sincerely loved the protagonist, Pearl and her friends Ellis, Jack, and Kate.

I liked the setting and the mystery that went with the setting. Though the setting was beautiful you felt like the land hid mysteries from the main characters, and it added a great suspenseful feeling to the story.

However, some parts of the story kinda turned me off. The whole companionship part of it really turned me off, and the blood thing almost made me throw up. Those two parts alone made this book lose two stars.

Overall a good book. Not really what I usually read, but it was an okay change. I probably won’t read it again, however if there is a sequel I might pick it up.


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