A Slaying in Savannah – Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain

5/5 Historic Mansions

On The Back: 

Jessica is saddened when her eccentric old friend Tillie Mortelaine passes away—and surprised to learn that Tillie has left her a million dollars. But there are strings attached. Jessica must use the money to help the literacy fund she and Tillie established years ago in Savannah, Georgia. And she will receive the money only if she can solve a mystery within the month: the murder of Tillie’s fiancé, Wanamaker Jones.

As Jessica settles into Tillie’s Savannah mansion and meets Tillie’s boarders, she also discovers that the spirit of Wanamaker Jones haunts the grounds. And that there are those in Savannah who are looking to cash in on Tillie’s demise—and Jessica’s failure…

My Thoughts:

I’ve been wanting to read this book for awhile now, so when I found it at a used bookstore I immediately bought it. However, after my last attempt at this series, which wasn’t very good, this book just sat on my shelf. But I am happy to say this book was a delightful edition to this series that makes me want to read and watch more of Jessica Fletcher.

The characters in this book were superb, and the setting was, too. I’d love to read more of these characters in Savannah and I kinda wish Jessica would revisit this city in another book. The mystery was spectacular, I never guessed the killer, but after they were revealed it really made so much sense.

My only real problem with this book was at times it felt like this was a travel guide encouraging you to go to Savannah, what with Jessica pointing out so much history, and trivia about it.

Overall, however an amazing book that I’d easily recommend!


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