January Reading Review

This month I set a goal for myself; I wanted to read at least 15 books. I surpassed that goal and read 18, so I’m happy with myself.

Yearly Challenge:

18/100 books

ABC Author Challenge:

8/26 books

Mount TBR Challenge:

6/24 books

Nonfiction Challenge:

3/12 books

YA/Children’s Challenge:

2/12 books

Favorite Mystery Reads in January:

  1. Snow Way Out – Christine Husom
  2. A Brew to Kill – Cleo Coyle
  3. Buffalo West Wing –  Julie Hyzy
  4. That Old Flame of  Mine – J.J. Cook
  5. Mayhem at the Orient Express – Kylie Logan

Favorite Nonfiction/YA Reads in January:

  1. I Work  at a Public Library (Nonfiction) – Gina Sheridan
  2. Alcatraz (YA/Children’s) – Michael Spradlin, Roland Smith
  3. Reasons My Kid is Crying (Nonfiction) – Greg Pembroke

Overall I was really happy with my reading this month, I read tons of great books!


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