Dying for Chocolate – Diane Mott Davidson

4/5 Bird-watching Hikes

Originally published on December 18, 2014 on Goodreads.

On The Back:

The Caterer

Meet Goldy Bear: a bright, opinionated, wildly inventive caterer whose personal life has become a recipe for disaster. She’s got an abusive ex-husband who’s into making tasteless threats, a rash of mounting bills that are taking a huge bite out of her budget, and two enticing men knocking on her door.

The Dish

Now determined to take control of her life, Goldy moves her business and her son to ritzy Aspen Meadow Country Club, where she accepts a job as a live-in cook. But just as she’s beginning to think she’s got it made–catering decadent dinners and posh society picnics and enjoying the favors of Philip Miller, a handsome local shrink, and Tom Schulz, her more-than-friendly neighborhood cop–the dishy doctor inexplicably drives his BMW into an oncoming bus.

The Unsavory Killer

Convinced that Philip’s bizarre death was no accident, Goldy decides to do a little investigating of her own. But sifting through the unpalatable secrets of the dead doc’s life will toss her into a case seasoned with unexpected danger and even more unexpected revelations–the kind that could get a caterer and the son she loves…killed

My Thoughts:

Though this book was a good read I felt that it had a few setbacks.

First of all, the book took awhile to get into. I think it was because of the introduction of an almost entirely new cast of characters, only five of the major characters who appeared in the last book appeared in this book, and even the setting changed some. I felt that it was a hindrance to the pace and action of the book.However, some of the new characters were lovable and I hope that they will reappear in future volumes of this series.

I felt that the reason for murder was unique and the entire book was unique. I didn’t guess the killer until about 20 pages from the end. I liked the action in this book, but hated the fact that so much happened between this book and the last one. It seemed like a lifetime had passed with everything happening between books, and I felt that it set the entire book into a rut, with Goldy having to explain something every two pages.

Overall, however, a great book, and an ideal mystery! I’ll be reading the next book in this series, for sure.


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