Murder Past Due – Miranda James

3/5 Cats on a Leash

On the Back:

There’s a cat in the stacks…

…and he makes the purr-fect partner for a librarian-turned-sleuth.

Everyone in Athena, Mississippi, knows librarian Charlie Harris-and his Maine coon cat named Diesel that he walks on a leash. They also know his former classmate-turned-famous bestselling novelist, Godfrey Priest.

But someone in Athena took Godfrey off the bestseller lists- permanently, and with extreme prejudice. Now, Charlie and Diesel must browse through the history section of the town’s past to find a killer.

My Thoughts:

I had high hopes for this book after reading this author’s other series, but I was disappointed. Though this book was good, it also lacked in some areas with inconsistencies popping up every so often.

First of all Justin. He was flat, to say the least. He was supposed to be an eighteen year old man but he acted like a twelve year old boy. The other characters didn’t help any by calling him a boy, and he honestly annoyed me every time he said  Mama or called Charlie sir, which he did in almost every other sentence he spoke in.

Secondly, I felt that the murder was flat. The obvious choice was blatantly in front of Charlie and yet he never listed that man as a suspect until late in the book. And even though that man wasn’t the murderer, the real murderer wasn’t any surprise to me.

But there were some good points, I loved Azalea and Keneshea, and I thought Charlie was a good sleuth, even if he didn’t guess the murderer. I’ll probably read the next book if for nothing else than the fact that so many other people have raved about this series. But still, I found this book rather flat.


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