Farm Fresh Murder – Paige Shelton

3/5 Homemade Preserves

Originally published on December 10, 2014 on Goodreads.

On The Back:

Becca Robins leads a simple life, making jams and preserves on her very own farm. But when there’s a murder in her quaint little town, she puts herself in the line of fire to defend her friend’s innocence-and goes from making jam to being in one.

My Thoughts:

I enjoyed this debut by Paige Shelton, but it’ll be a long time before I read it again.

To start, the main character, Becca, is shallow, to put it bluntly. I didn’t feel that the author spent much time developing her character. While at the same time other more minor characters, Abner, Ian, Allison, and even Mamma were a lot more developed and I felt that I could picture those characters in my head.

I could picture Bailey’s and the other settings, the only thing lacking there was the fact that I still don’t quite know if Bailey’s is inside or outside, though I think it’s outside.

I guessed the murderer by the first time we met them, but I never knew why until the end. The mystery was well thought out, though.

Overall I’d say this was a 3 stars and I enjoyed many of the interesting characters, so I’ll probably buy the next book.


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