Woof at the Door – Laura Morrigan

5/5 Rescued Animals

On The Back:

Animal behaviorist Grace Wilde keeps her ability to psychically communicate with furry and feathered critters under wraps. But when a Doberman turns out to be the only witness to a crime, Grace will have to let the cat out of the bag in order to catch a killer.

Grace Wilde’s job is anything but normal. When she’s not helping out at the zoo by comforting agitated lemurs, she’s listening to the woes of annoyed house pets. Grace’s life gets even more complicated, though, when the cops summon her to a crime scene to help deal with the murder victim’s terrified Doberman.

The pooch turns out to be the only one who saw what happened the night of the shooting—and only Grace can get the information out of him. The problem is, how will Grace tell the distractingly gorgeous Sergeant Kai Duncan that it’s the dog who’s giving her the intel without spilling her big secret or sounding crazy? Left on her own, Grace will have to follow the pup’s lead to track down the killer. But she’ll have to be careful—or curiosity may end up killing the cat whisperer.

My Thoughts:

This book was one of those books that you stay up most of the night reading. It was a great, suspense filled start to what looks like a great series.

Even though Grace speaks to animals, she doesn’t make a big deal out of it, which I really liked. Sure, she’s self-conscious about it, but if you could you would probably be that way, too. I loved that most people who knew about it didn’t make a huge deal about it either, and the fact that when she tells Kai, he doesn’t believe her. It makes his character more realistic, because if someone told me they could talk to animals I wouldn’t believe it either.

The mystery was fast-paced filled with bribes and genuine whodunit moments.  I had an idea of who the killer would be when we first met them but I didn’t have a clue about the killer’s accomplice until it was revealed at the end.

The animals didn’t talk in huge, intellectual sentences. Each animal was still an animal and talked like one, getting distracted at different things happening around them. This made the psychic aspect of the book more believeable, also.

Overall an amazing book with great characters, a good settings, and laugh-out-loud moments, I’ll be buying the next one.


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