Bless Her Little Dead Heart – Miranda James

5/5 Annoying Family Members

Originally published on Goodreads on December 15, 2014.

On The Back:

With the Mississippi sun beating down, An’gel and Dickce are taking a break to cool off and pet sit their friend Charlie Harris’s cat, Diesel, when their former sorority sister, Rosabelle Sultan, shows up at their door unexpectedly, with her ne’er-do-well adult children not far behind.

Rosabelle’s selfish offspring are desperate to discover what’s in her will, and it soon becomes clear that one of them would kill to get their hands on the inheritance. Suddenly caught up in a deadly tangle of duplicitous suspects and deep-fried motives, it will take all of the sisters’ Southern charm to catch a decidedly ill-mannered killer…

My Thoughts:

What a great start to a series. I loved this book and if James’ other books are anything like this one then I’ll soon be a huge fan.

I loved the the two main characters, Dickce and An’gel, I loved their perspective from an older persona and I loved their sense of humor. I also loved Benjy, I really hope we see more of him as the series progresses.

The setting left a little to be desired, though. I felt that the bottom floor and the garage apartment of the house were very well described, yet the second and third floors and the outside of the house were barely described.

I loved that the main characters rarely left the house, it added a sense of foreboding to the whole mystery and it had a And Then There Were None feel to it.

Another downpoint, however, was the fact that some characters didn’t seem scared that they were in the same house with a murderer. Most of the characters just seemed to accept it and go on, when I felt that if this really happened people would freak out.

Overall a great start to a new series and an amazing book. I hope James will continue this series.


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